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We are a leader in Predictive Modeling.  Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is among the most dynamic and sophisticated on the market.  In addition to stratifying an individual's risk for lifestyle and disease, our predisease algorithms identify individuals that are likely to develop a disease in the next three years.  This allows us to better predict and mitigate future disease costs, resulting in an increased R.O.I. 

Our sophisticated health risk assessment and biometric screening process provides a unique WellCentive score based on body measurements and specific lab panels.  This WellCentive score can be used as an objective scoring mechanism for establishing benchmarks in a health standards (outcomes) based program.

PredictiMed™ maximizes your program by integrating all components (including engagement, communications, incentives, and tracking) in one coordinated approach.

Our Wholeistic™ Coaching program encompasses lifestyle, disease management, large case, UR, worker’s compensation and EAP into one complete package.

Health management programs come in all shapes and sizes and are constantly evolving. Whether you are looking for a turnkey program or the tools to manage your own program, US HealthCenter has the experience and services to produce results. Our unique approach saves money and improves outcomes- Guaranteed.

A successful health management program should improve health and reduce costs.  Most programs do not have the ability to effectively measure risk, improve health and produce outcomes that guarantee a return on your investment.  US HealthCenter’s PredictiMed™ Health Advance program, facilitated by the PredictiMed™ health management system, produces outcomes with evidence-based results.