Through a unique integrated approach, we take care of your participants. Onsite or on the phone, our co-created customized action plans are managed cooperatively by coaches and participants using an integrated approach. With an average 4:1 ROI for coaching participants, this is an important part of any good wellness program. Integrated URAC certified Large Case management offers a unique cost saving opportunity over other disease management options.

Learn how we can partner with your onsite nurses or local healthcare providers to integrate this model. Go to our Health Coach Certification page to learn how we can certify your caregivers as Health Coaches through our one of a kind partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences.

Wholeistic™ Health Coaching: Integrated Wellness Coaching, Disease Management and Large Case Management

With our standard program, you will qualify for WELCOA Well Workplace recognition. We will take you through the application process every step of the way. Our consultants will assist you in document preparation and guide your team through our structured easy to use process, guaranteeing success.

Both online and onsite, our guided multi-step educational programs promote change in individuals’ diet, fitness, stress, and tobacco habits. Risk Resolution Guidelines help individuals with chronic or very high-risk disease understand treatment options and promote consumerism.

The simplification of health management and control of health care costs are functions of effective benefits administration and careful health care cost management. PredictiMed™ provides an easy and effective solution to controlling and avoiding unnecessary healthcare costs through the interactive and coordinated participation of employees, employers and health care providers. Applications are integrated to create an interactive venue that guides employees through an online personal health assessment and then takes them into risk resolution and health management modules.

Employer-specific modules meet corporate needs in managing health benefit and health information. They also provide the structure through which individuals utilize the employee applications. Employee modules are designed to simplify benefit registration activities and foster wellness. The interactive tools create a heightened awareness, empowering employees to actively participate in managing their health. Completing the integrated system, the provider modules link employees and providers through medical case management applications and Web-based record-keeping and communications tools. Through the use of this linkage system, employers get the benefit of an instant snapshot of the potential health risks in its insured population. Valuable statistical information and guidelines direct positive changes in employee health and health benefits management, thereby realizing substantial savings.

Participation is key. By utilizing our Health Counts program, you can create campaigns that foster greater participation. By utilizing our WellCentives program, you will move people down the continuum of better health while rewarding all the participants, including both the healthy and at risk.

Managing Health Care Costs

Health Counts Incentive & Participation Management Program

More than just a retrospective analysis tool, our unique Sweeper analyzes claims, tracks the population’s treatments, protocols, compliance and results. The Snapshot view makes claims analysis clear and easy. The integration of retrospective health claims and health risks provides valuable data points in your strategy. With on-demand continuous reporting integrated with your different TPAs, we put all of your data in one spot.

Health Claims Sweeper Retroactive & Proactive Health Claims Analyzer 

Products & Services

Population Health Management

WELCOA Well Workplace Awards Program

Road to Wellness Lifestyle Modification Programs & Risk Resolution Guidelines

We offer comprehensive disease screening & a lifestyle risk assessment for individuals. Our dynamic, self-personalizing and intelligent online or paper HRAs cover all the bases to give the individual and the sponsor organization the information they need to understand their health status and future health outlook.

Health Risk Assessments

Confidential performance modeling will help plan for action. Our HRA analyzes risks for over 70 diseases and lifestyles. We will show you exactly where your risks are in your group. With our unique predisease predictor, we stratify your future risks by frequency, severity, and cost. With the integration of the Sweeper Claims Analyst, predictive modeling capability increases significantly.

Predictive Modeling of Health Care Costs

Each participant receives their own personal health record and website. The Personal Health Dashboard or PHD is automatically configured when participants complete their HRA. We pre-populate demographics and screening results into the PHD so participants don’t have to. Claims data can also be added when the Sweeper program is integrated.

The PHD contains many other features including several other assessments, health journal, personal health record, medical chart, medical alert card, health maintenance schedules, vaccinations tracker, Risk Resolution Guidelines, Health Counts Points, trackers, Road to Wellness Programs, Health WebGate, medical library, videos and many other features.

​​​​​​​​​​Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD)

Our national network of technicians and lab collection sites give us the ability to serve your participants in every county in the US. We can take care of your individual home-based employees or locations with thousands of employees. Using our WellCentives Points objective scoring system, we provide individuals and the organization the information needed to measure progress and success.

Biometric Screenings