"I've lost 83 pounds since January 2013! ...My children motivated me and in October 2014 I joined Huntsville Hospital's Weight Loss Center. They have helped me lose 65 of those 83 pounds!"

- Hospital Client, AL

"My coach just happened to be my first boot camp instructor. When I started with him I "hated running" and I let him know every session. Who would have thought that I would become what I've become. A "running lunatic"... (What aided you in reaching your goals?) Determination/stubbornness most importantly training for 4 months, I've now ran 3 half marathons, three 10 k, 1 15k, and numerous 5k's."

- Hospital Client, AL

"Coming to the realization that I'm the only one that can make a change that will benefit me.  Taking action to exercise even when I don't feel like it and to join Weight Watchers to provide the support and encouragement of colleagues and giving me a system of tracking food that works for me."

- Biotechnology Industry

"I completed the forms online which really made me think about how I was going to make it through some of the more difficult situations I knew I would face. By putting in the time and effort to answer the questions, it prepared me to face the situations that worried me the most when quitting. I was prepared reagarding how I would handle being around other smokers. I was prepared for changing my own habits and rituals to avoid temptation to smoke. There are so many reasons why I wanted to quit smoking and actually writing them down gave me a greater perspective on the person that I wanted to be and why... You have heard it a thousand times, but you need to commit yourself to change. Preparing yourself for being in difficult situations will only give you more tools which can enable you to accomplish your goal!"

- Automotive, WI

"Even though it is hard, if you put your mind to it you can accomplish your goal.  It is not impossible to cut out junk food and soda.  When you start an exercise program, make sure it is something you enjoy doing.  If you hate running on the treadmill, don't have that as your exercise plan.  I joined karate with my son and it is so fun that i hardly realize I am working out."

- Automotive, WI

"My youngest daughter was getting married in March and my wife and I decided to try to lose weight before the wedding. We enrolled in Profile by Sanford and started our program November 11, 2014 knowing the holidays were ahead of us and with that would be many challenges for our diet. I weighed in at 187.2 lbs and set a goal of 150 lbs. We made it through the holidays with actual weight loss which we considered a huge victory by itself and then continued the program and I have now exceeded my weight loss goal and weigh in at 137.2 lbs. With the help of the coaches at Profile and our own health coaches keeping and eye on us and educating us to eat healthier and make better choices we are doing great. I am now walking 4.4 miles a day for 5 days a week also. My wife has also lost 30 lbs and she has reduced her diabetes medication and was able to get off cholestrol medicine. HOORAY!!! She is getting close to her goal and we are both busy buying a new smaller sized wardrobe."

- Construction Machinery Manufacturing, WI

"I went for many years over weight and in pain, I tried every diet that came but none worked. One day a gentleman named Mike over heard a discussion I was having with my daughter-in-law about the problem and told me about gastric bypass. I investigated the procedure in every way I could find. After about one and a half years I had chosen my surgeon and BAM, a new life opened up for me. Some say I took the easy way and in some aspects their correct. The surgery was easy but the aftermath was hard and 10 years later still a struggle. It is all worth it when I look at my grandchildren and know that if this had not happened I would possibly not be here today. I'm not saying it is for everyone that is a choice each has to make. Final words (I'M ALIVE AND PROUD OF IT)."

- Hospital Client, AL

"I am currently 110 lbs lighter and continue to lose weight.  I have changed my diet and eat healthy but the majority of my weight loss and better lifestyle stem from the fact that  exercise has had such a positive impact on my well being.  Not only do I look better, I feel better now than I have felt in 15 years."

- Hospital Client, AL

"I had 5 kids by the age of 26 and I had got up to 262 pounds with my 5th kid! I never thought I would lose the weight. I would start something & then quit if I didn't see instant results! Finally after not passing my health assessment, I started eating better and and joined the wellness center. I had already started losing weight but that just pushed me to do more, I go work out for 2hrs mon-fri and I am currently down to 177lbs!!! And still dropping, what made me smile was being able to fit I to my teenagers pants!!!"

- Hospital Client, AL

"My husband went to the doctor and his A1C was very high, the doctor asked him if he felt he had enough money set aside for retirement, and my husband said he did, the doctor then asked him if he had enough for his wife too, and he replied, yes.  The doctor then said, do you want her to have it all??  The doctor then said, you must change your diet and lose weight.  No potatoes, no rice, no bread.  So, I have learned to cook accordingly including lots of fresh fish and vegetable.  We have both lost more than 25 pounds, and my husbands A1C is back down to 6.6... We both look and feel better and realize this is a life style change, not a temporary fix."

- Industrial Wholesale Distributor, WI

"This is about my husband who has done a total turn around since January 1, 2015. He started off walking, which turned to jogging, then to running. He also changed his eating habits, and used my fitness pal to track his calories and exercising. His health coach also gave him incentives and good advice. He has lost 38 lbs so far and still has a few more goals to meet! He has changed his lifestyle so much and is a positive example of what you can do if you put your mind to it! I'm so very proud of him! He travels for work and I know it's a hard thing to keep on track with both eating and exercise, but he is committed to it. He feels and looks great, and makes me happy he is healthy! ... It's a very hard commitment you have to make and stick with it, but the end results are worth it she your clothes start fitting better, and your energy level goes up. Keep working and trying and you will do it!"

- HRA Participant, Biotechnology Industry

"I had reached my goal weight (via WW at work); however, I had gained back about 10 pounds and this reflected in my tight clothes as well as my blood pressure.  My Health Coach encouraged me to be more active and look for healthy foods to prepare for my husband and me.  The encouragement and better habits have helped me to feel look and feel better."

-HRA Participant, Biotechnology Industry

"I commited to losing 74lbs and return to my healthy weight of 200lbs.  I started a nutritional change which includes eating only whole foods and healthy grains and fats, no wheat, processed foods, or alcohol.  At almost 6 weeks in, I have managed to lose 25lbs and 2 inches of belly fat.  I am already wearing clothes I haven't been able to fit into in 4 years.  I have more energy than ever and feel great!  I look to complete my goal by June and have signed up for my first 10K on July 4th.  I have also completed the first 4 weeks of the Insanity fitness program.  I have more than doubled every exercise in the "Fit Test" and look to be far beyond that at the end of the next week's goal."

- HRA Participant, Automotive, GA

"The Precis Team helped create a unique network model that complimented the existing PPO. This group was able to win an employer from the incumbent carrier effective 1/1/2015 and YTD, the hospital discount is coming in at 73.5%, similar to the pre-implementation estimates provided. The stop loss proposal reduced costs by 25% less than using our PPO discounts for all claims. ."

- USHC PPO partner, Central States

"The incumbent stop loss carrier proposed a 90% increase in fixed cost for this 140 life educational facility.  Our model offered a savings of over $150,000 annually in their fixed cost and a savings of over $180,000 in claims cost."

- Native American Tribal College

"A current USHC clientsaved 35% on their excess loss coverage renewal for 2015-2016. Total fixed costs were reduced by over $110,000 and reduce their maximum claims liability by over $517,000. This represents over a 25% REDUCTION in health plan costs from their previous year. The next best offer they entertained was a 5% increase."

- Home & Farm Retailer, Lower Midwest

Our clients love us! Let them tell you why.

Member Success Stories

“You are a great coach Carolyn.  Everyone is very happy with the job that you do!!"

- Health Coaching Participant, Insurance Industry, WI

“Thanks again USHC team!  As always, your quick responsiveness is a strength that we truly enjoy.”

- Hospital Client, WI

“I love my health coach nurse and I love that she calls me often. It's refreshing to know someone is keeping tabs on my health.”

- Health Coaching Participant, Retail Industry, WI

“One of the least complicated sites I've used lately. I would have to say it was a thorough assessment. Online desktop is very helpful for keeping track of points, etc.”

- HRA Participant, Manufacturing, WI

“The people that conducted my physical were absolutely the best medical folks I have ever dealt with. They were meticulous in all they did, and took the time to ask questions and provide answers. I was surprised to get this level of physical from wellness program, but it was great. Perhaps you can pass this thing along to their management.”

- Health Screening Participant, Manufacturing, TX

“This program saved my life. If it wasn't for my health coaching pushing me to get my colonoscopy, my doctor said I would have serious problems.”

- Health Coaching Participant, County Government, WI

“I just read all my vitals. This program is fantastic. I'm glad I did this. It's gotten my wife and I to start exercising and dieting again.”

- HRA Participant, Food Industry, ON

“This program is really great because my PCP that I had for over 18 years is no longer in my network and in order for me to get cholesterol medication, I need to give labs...so this is perfect because I can just bring these to my doctor.”​

- Health Screening Participant, City Government, WI

“It was great to get a snapshot of my health risk. I loved the printed risk report. Being a physician, I thought it was very thorough, one of the best reports I've seen. And I know others found extreme value in it.”​​

​- HRA Participant, Medical Group, CA

“Although I say the incentive was my motivation, I know the activities in the wellness program were tied to the incentive really made me stop and think about improving my health and it was fun.”
- HRA Participant, County Government, WI