Gavin Quinnies

Founder & President 

Trained in engineering and management systems, Mr. Quinnies started his career developing artificial intelligence, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry. Afterward, he served as COO for a metals manufacturing and distribution firm, playing a key role in its successful growth from $20MM firm to $100MM with multi-state operations. During this time, Mr. Quinnies developed industry-leading health, safety, IT, quality, sales and productivity management systems. He implemented his first incentive-based wellness program in 1992 resulting in a 4:1 ROI.  After a successful exit involving a multi-competitor roll up and NYSE IPO, he stayed on as Chief Quality, Safety and Health Officer for the $2.0 billion dollar parent company, managing 100 locations nationwide.

Before co-founding US HealthCenter, Mr. Quinnies operated a consulting company for Quality, Safety, Health and Life Sciences. His largest client was IBM, contributing to an international pharmaceutical life cycle management practice and system currently being sold to international pharmaceutical companies.

Mr. Quinnies is currently responsible for the day to day operations of the Company including personnel, financial decisions, software development and sales management. Mr. Quinnies earned his B.S. in engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.



Specialized in internal medicine and board certified in family practice, Dr. Gavery developed one of the largest private medical practices in Illinois. In the late 1970’s, Dr. Gavery’s practice became an early HMO adopter, where he gained extensive experience in full-risk contracts and focused on increasing practice efficiencies and patient quality of care.  Dr. Gavery pioneered the use of health risk assessments and wellness initiatives.  In the late 1980s, Dr. Gavery developed the first commerging medical practice, American Family Doctor, a unique turn-key practice management system which included American Health-for-Life Institute, a complete wellness center. In early 1990’s, he went on to develop an EMR and medical management software. This unique experience of combining traditional medicine, preventive health and wellness, and managing financial risk led to the development of one of the first web-based HRAs and behavioral modification systems. In the mid 1990’s, his company, Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc., sold it’s products to a number of clients through various marketing channels. In 2003, Dr. Gavery restructured the original company into eCare Solutions Inc. and developed a comprehensive Health Advancement program. From 2005 until 2011 Dr. Gavery authored a health management textbook and taught a Health and Wellness course at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. In 2006, Dr. Gavery developed Brief Intervention Coaching Protocol (BICP) and created an association for certification of health coaches in behavioral modification and disease management. Between 2010 and 2012, he developed a physician program for evaluation of Predisease conditions in asymptomatic patients.

Dr. Gavery is currently the Chairman of the Board and responsible for strategic direction of the Company, as well as, providing direction for adjustments to the proprietary algorithms utilized in the PredictiMed™ systems.

G. Raymond Gavery, MD
Founder & Chairman

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