The Process

The Client

The school district saw the benefits in educating their staff on their well being. They looked to US HealthCenter to provide a wellness program for their employees. They wanted a way to provide awareness to their staffed individuals. Additionally, convenience was important to them.

The wellness program has been well received. Participation has increased since 2013 from 33% to 40%. Over the past 3 years, the cohort group of 2013-2015:

  • Reduced predisease risk burden from $6,721 to $4,783 (almost $2,000 savings per participant)
  • Reduced the number of Significant Risk Breast Cancer cases by 50%
  • Eliminated GGT, Glucose and Cotinine from the Significantly High Risk category for Measured BioStats
  • Improved Body Fat % and Triglyceride numbers

The Result

US HealthCenter implemented Biometric screenings, online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and onsite nurse reviews beginning in 2013. Registration went through our web-based scheduling tool. To make it as convenient as possible, both screenings and reviews were conducted onsite. Special accommodations were made for participants unable to attend the onsite reviews via telephonic review. As an incentive, the school district gave a $50 gift card for each member that completed all three steps.

The Problem

This client is a small school district located in the Midwest. The district is comprised of almost 100 employees. The school district not only continually strives to improve their students' educational experience and provide them with the skills they need to be successful, but also initiated a wellness program to make sure their staff has all the tools to be as healthy and successful as they can be.