The Result

The client was looking for a new Population Health Management solution for their employees and spouses on the medical plan. The client implemented the program in hopes to reduce the likelihood of high cost claims in future years.

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The biometric participation rate for eligible employees and spouses increased from 66% in the first year to 81% in the third year.

Overall, predisease exposures for repeat participants had a reduction of $514 per participant, representing a reduction of almost 9%.

The Lifestyle Risk Burden improved by $140 per participant and Productivity Risk Burden improved by $581 per participant.

Moreover, the percentage of repeat participants who tested positive for cotinine decreased by 4%.

The Problem

The client is a Midwest wholesale retailer with 12 locations and 300 employees and 100 spouses.

The Process

The client implemented a premium incentive for employees and spouses for completing a biometric screening, Health Risk Assessment (HRA), Health Risk Assessment Review (a one-time health coaching appointment) and achieving a specific outcome and testing negative for cotinine (tobacco use). Participants who did not achieve the outcome completed two additional coaching sessions to remain eligible for the incentive. Participants who tested positive for cotinine (tobacco use) during the screening were able to complete a tobacco cessation program to continue being eligible for the incentive.

The Client